WELCOME to the Pre Transformer Page! This page is dedicated to the original toys that Hasbro used as a basis for the Transformers toy line. Here you will find lots of catalog scans, toy pictures and lots of information about these toys. When you click on "Toy Lines" you will get a list of all the toylines that are described on this page, from which you can choose the toyline you would like to know more about. I'm trying to give an as complete as possible view of everything that preceded the Transformers. This includes the toy lines from which the toys were directly taken and included in the Transformers, but also other transforming robots/mecha that preceded the Transformers. 

I'd like to thank the following people who helped me in acquiring information and or pictures, without which this page would have never existed: Jay Phule, Marco "Overlord" van Leeuwen, The Weeter, Bryan Wilkinson, Lars Erikson, Doug Dlin and many others who have provided me with material for the site.

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