Most of the Transformer cars and planes, the Dinobots, Insecticons, Constructicons and Jumpstarters, even Optimus Prime, used to be Diaclones. Most of them came with little human shaped figures with magnetic feet. These were the so-called "Diaclone drivers". They could be seated into the mecha, which they controlled. This explains the little cabins, that can still be found in the Dinobots and Insecticons. The early Diaclone catalogs show different versions of the Diaclones than the later catalogs. I thought at first that they were both sold, but the early versions were only prototypes (just like the prototypes of Cyclones and Broadside in the Transformer catalogs). Most of the Diaclones came in several different colors. Below is a list of all of the Diaclone toys and their color variations. The list is sorted in chronological order and split in Diaclone and Waruder mecha.


This one of the largest Diaclone mecha (17 inch!). It transforms into a large mobile base/command center (on tracks).

Three vehicles that can combine into one robot. The individual vehicles were called Battles01, Battles02 and Battles03. Dia Battles was also sold as a larger or smaller sized kit.

A train, which transforms into a spaceship (by a really cool automatic "wrr wrr" system!).

A track tired vehicle that can transform into a command center. (the same "wrr wrr" system)

I don't know for sure what they really are, but they appear to be small square platforms with small cars that could be launched by a spring mechanism. These platforms could also be connected to each other. Each type came either in red, black or blue.
Type 1: Order Center
Type 2: Mobilization Area
Type 3: Supply Area
Type 4: Repair Center

Dia Attacker can transform from a 20 cm. (8 inch) tall robot into a neat looking spaceship, which can split into several smaller spacecraft.

This 15 cm (6 inch) tall robot (also known as Multiforce 14) can transform into 14 small vehicles, that could be used by the Diaclone warriors. It consists of 8 different types: Blocker 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. Gats Blocker was sold as giftset, with 5 figures, or per type (two per box for the double ones.

DASHERS (Powerdashers)
The Dashers are vehicles with pull-back engines that can transform into robots. The Transformer versions were only available trough mailorder.
Sky Dasher Powerdasher Plane blue/silver
Drill Dasher Powerdasher Drill black/yellow
F-1 Dasher Powerdasher Car red/blue

Three vehicles that can combine into a single robot. The individual vehicles were called Mach Powered, Land Powered and Earth Powered. Each vehicle came with a Powered Suit (see below) that could be inserted into the vehicle. The giftset version came with one biosuit and three figures. The single boxed vehicles each had one biosuit and one figure.
Mach Powered High speed fighter-bomber that forms the upper torso, arms an head. 
Land Powered Treaded missile launcher that becomes the lower torso. 
Earth Powered Sort of hovercraft that becomes the legs. 

A small biosuit in which a Diaclone figure can be inserted. It came in three types: Type A, B or C, which came in either red or blue.

Three vehicles that can combine into a large robot. The three vehicles are called Battle Header (land vehicle with pull-back engine), Battle Breaster and Battle Leger.

This is one of the largest Diaclone mecha. It can transform from a hugh robot into a command center/battlestation.

This robot can change into two different robot modes.

Similar to Twin Combat, but larger and with a robot face instead of a helmet with a window.

A spaceship with a bird-like "head". It can flip open to form a sort of base.

CAR ROBOTS (Autobot cars)
No. 1   Countach LP500S Sunstreaker red
No. 2   Onebox Cherry Vanette Ironhide black
No. 3   Countach Patrol Car Type Patrol car version of Sunstreaker white
No. 4   Onebox Ambulance Type Ratchet with a red cross on top white
No. 5   4WD Hi-luxe Trailbreaker black, blue or yellow
No. 6   Honda City R Skids (with a little scooter, different face) red or silver (also came in giftset with a blue No. 8  4WD Wrecker Type) 
No. 7   Fairlady Z Bluestreak blue with silver hood, silver with black hood, gold chromed
No. 8   4WD Wrecker Type Hoist red or blue (only in the giftset with a silver No. 6  Honda City R)
No. 9   Honda City Turbo Skids (with a little scooter) black, red or blue
No.10  Fire Engine Inferno red
No.11  Fairlady Z Racing Type Smokescreen red/blue
No.12  J59 Jeep Hound green
No.13  Police Car Fairlady Z Prowl black/white
No.14  Porsche 935 Turbo Jazz white, gold chromed (contest price)
No.15  New Countach LP500S Sideswipe red, yellow or black (only in Powered Convoy giftset)
No.16  F-1 Ligier JS11 Mirage blue or red (only in Powered Convoy giftset)
No.17  Battle Convoy Optimus Prime red/blue/grey, with "Diaclone" on the sides of the trailer and a blue vehicle
No.18  Lancia Stratos Turbo Wheeljack white or orange/with a blue windshield and spoiler (different head)
No.19  New Countach Police Car Red Alert, but as a police car white
No.20  Crane Grapple yellow
No.21  Corvette Stingray Tracks red
Powered Convoy Ultra Magnus blue cab, blue/red/grey trailer 
blue cab, blue/red/grey/chrome trailer
(last version also in giftset with a black No.15  New Countach LP500S and a red No.16  F-1 Ligier JS11)

TRAIN ROBO (Japanese Trainbots)
The Transformer versions of the Train Robos were only released in Japan as the Trainbots. The Diaclone versions came in two different color variations. Only the first variations were released as Transformers. Trainrobos No. 1 to 6 were also sold as giftset with two figures and a sheet with railway emplacement printed on it.
Normal versions:
No. 1 Tôkaidô Bullet Train Shouki white/blue
No. 2 EF65 Blue Train Getsuei blue/yellow
No. 3 Tôhoku Jôetsu Bullet Train Yukikaze white/blue
No. 4 Tôkai-type Express Train Suiken red/green
No. 5 L-Special-Express-485 
         System Special Express Train
Seizan yellow/red
No. 6 DE10 Diesel Locomotive Kaen red/grey
Recolored versions:
No. 7 Tôkaidô Bullet Train - chrome
No. 8  ED 67 Blue Train Pulling
- red
No. 9  Dr. Yellow Bullet Train,
           Comprehensive Test Train
- yellow/blue
No. 10 Kuha 111-type Express 
- white/blue (Yokosuka Line Colors)
No. 11 L Special Express 583-type
           Sleeping Car
- yellow/blue
No. 12 DE10 Diesel Locomotive,
           Crystal Type
- red/grey

F-15 ROBO ("Seekers")
The F-15 Robos were the forerunners of the so-called Decepticon "Seekers". Only Starscream and Thundercracker were released as Diaclones. The Diaclone versions have plastic noses instead of rubber and "Diaclone" written on the wings. The Diaclone version of Starscream also had F-15 written on his wings.
Acrobat type Starscream grey/red
Super-high-speed fighter type Thundercracker blue/white

These were cars with pull-back engines that could transform into armed vehicles.
Lamborghini Cheetah

Diaclone versions of the Jumpstarters in in my opinion much nicer colors, which just like the Transformer versions hardly ever land on their feet:)
Drill Tank Type Twin Twist dark blue with a red or a grey chest
Jet Type Topspin gray or red with a blue chest

The Diaclone Constructicons came in two variations. The early version had an orange Hook and Mixmaster and with blue fists, gun and chestwing and the later version with a blue Hook and Mixmaster and red fists, gun and chestwing. The giftset came with an additional plastic rockpile, on which the robots can be displayed and cardboard beams which can be assembled to form a building structure. As far as I know only the early versions were released as individually packaged.
No. 1 Bulldozer Bonecrusher yellow
No. 2 Power Shovel Scavenger yellow with black tracks
No. 3 Shovel-dozer Scrapper yellow
No. 4 Truck Crane Hook dark orange or blue
No. 5 Dump Truck Long Haul dark orange
No. 6 Concrete Mixer Mixmaster dark orange or blue

The parts in the Transformer versions which are of a softer red plastic are of a harder chromed plastic (silver or gold) in the Diaclone versions. The Diaclone version of Swoop also had sharper pointed wing tips and beak.
Tyrannosaurus Grimlock grey with a blue hip
Triceratops Slag grey with a blue torso
Brontosaurus Sludge grey with a red torso
Stegosaurus Snarl grey with a black torso
Pteranodon Swoop silver with a blue torso

The Transformer versions of the Omnibots were identical to the Diaclone versions and were only released as mailorder exclusives. The Transformer versions in the US came in clear factory bags, while the Japanese mailorder exclusives came in non-colored boxes.
Ferrari BB Overdrive red
Savannah RX-7 Camshaft silver
Selica XX Downshift white

TRIPLECHANGERS (Triple Changers)
Of the Transformer Triplechangers was only Blitzwing released as a Diaclone. The Diaclone version of Blitzwing had a thinner barrel than the Transformer version and a much nicer color scheme. The Helicopter type was oddly enough never released as a Transformer. In Japan the early Astrotrains were black and white, which may indicate that they were intended   to be released as a Diaclone, but were canceled to make place for the Transformers in Japan. So the black and white Astrotrains may actually be unreleased Diaclones repackaged as Transformers.
No. 1 Jet Fighter Type Blitzwing white/dark green
No. 2 Helicopter Type - blue/grey



Three vehicles that can combine into one robot. The three vehicles were called Mosquider, Arinder and Sasorander. (B.t.w. there was also a "cute" little kit version of the Warudaros). Warudaros was sold as a set and as individualy packaged vehicles. Each vehicle has a different type of Waruder figure.
Mosquider Spaceship that becomes the head.
Arinder Spaceship which forms the upper torso and arms.
Sasorander Ground vehicle that becomes the lower torso and legs.

These toys had "wind up" engines, by which they could walk. They also came with a biosuit. Each color variation came with a different type of Waruder figure.
Type 1 red with blue suit, blue with green suit or green with red suit
Type 2 red with blue suit, blue with green suit or green with red suit

INSECTER ROBO (Insecticons)
These are the Diaclone versions of the Insecticons. The Insecter Robos came either individually boxed or as a giftset.
Kabtoron         (from "kabutomushi" = "rhinoceros beetle") Bombshell  red/black/brown/silver 
Battas              (from "batta" = "grasshopper") Kickback red/green/black/brown/silver
Kuwagatorer   (from "kuwagata" = "stag beetle") Shrapnel red/black/brown/silver

This very odd looking robot came originally from the Magnemo series, also from Takara, were it was called Machine Saurer.