Photographic report of my visit to the National Museum 
(National Museet) in Kopenhagen, 16-19 July 2003
In the links below you will find the photos I took at the museum. They're ordered in several 
catagories.Note that this is still only a selection of what can be seen at the museum. I've added some of the descriptions that were present in the museum, to indicate what's being shown in the photos. 
This is either as photo of the information board itself, or a link "INFO" which by clicking on it 
will show the text to the following photo(s). Some photos can be blurry, but due to the low light
level long shutter times were necessary. Considering that I took many without any support 
and shutter times of 1 second, the majority turned out excellent:)
Stone Age artifacts (up to 2000BC)
Early and Middle Bronze age artifacts (circa 2000-1000BC)
Bronze age mound burials (circa 1400-1300BC)
Late Bronze age artifacts (circa 1000-500BC)
Iron Age artifacts (circa 500BC-800AD)
Clothing from the bogs (Bronze age and Iron age)
Viking age artifacts (after 800AD)
South European artifacts
Temporary exhibition: Sejrens Triumph
(stone age to late Roman Iron age)
Official sites
The official site of the museum can be found here: National Museet
Photos of the entire Bronze Age collection, including many items not on display are visible here: Guder and Grave