Bronze Sword Festival

Between 7 and 11 september, Neil Burridge organized the Bronze Sword Festival of 2007. This is the third year the festival is organized, and it was great to seeing familiar faces again, as well as new people. People came over from the UK, Ireland, Netherlands and Canada, to celebrate the great metalworkers of the bronze age, and get a bronze age experience. The festival was held at Threwortha farm, located in the ancient landscape at the Bodmin Moors, away from the sounds of modern life, where recontructions are build of bronze age roundhouses.

Bronze Sword Festival Day 1

The first day everyone arrived and set up camp, talked swords and sat around the fire in the roundhouse in the evening.

Bronze Sword Festival Day 2


The festival swords

Work on the swords in front of the roundhouse

Authentic sword casting experiment

On day two the swords of the festival were given to the attendees, and some choose to do reproductions of silver bracelets. During the day everyone worked hard on cleaning up the swords. At the same time, preparations were made to cast a sword in a clay mould. In the evening, the Guild of the Fabulists provided entertainment. In the darkness of the farm, around the knispering of the woodfire, they told stories keeping you at the edge of your seat.

More photos can be found here.

Bronze Sword Festival Day 3

Casting a sword

Edge hardening

Scott from Dragonfly Moon with a reproduction of a bronze horn by Neil

In the morning, archeologist David Tomalin gave a fascinating lecture on the bronze age of the Isle of Wight. Then it was time to get back at working at the swords, including the hardening of the edges. In the mean time, another sword casting was done in a clay mould. In the evening, Dragonfly Moon filled the evening with music, using a wide variety of traditional instruments. One of the highlights was the bronze age horn reproduction which Neil had made, which was being played by Scott.

More photos can be found here.

Bronze Sword Festival Day 4

Landscape around the event

Resting at an ancient  medieval town

Roundhouse from a distance

Day four was spend with a walk through the beautiful area surrounding the event, with a visit to the remains of an ancient medieval town. The last work was being done on the swords. In the evening, Keith Hills played blues and other various music on the accoustic guitar. And later Guy, a friend of Neil, also played some great music.

More photos can be found here.

Bronze Sword Festival Day 5

Time to leave the site again, and return to the 21st century. Thanks again to Neil for organizing such a fantastic event! And thanks to everyone else participating in yet another fantastic event!

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