Inis Sheer, Ireland
July 16th - 27th 2007

From July 16th to 27th 2007, a group of artist and archeologists gathered at Inis Sheer, one of the Aran Islands at the western coast of Ireland to perform experimental bronze casting using bronze age technology, as well as enjoying a good pint in the pub, accompanied by great traditional Irish music. People gathered mostly from Ireland, but also other nations, to exchange knowledge and gain experience with new methods. The main theme this year was trying to reproduce the bronze horns from the Irish bronze age. These are some of the most complex castings from the bronze age, and have never been reproduced in recent times using authentic methods. It seemed like an impossible task, but in the end, a horn was cast! Below is a photo report of the event. As the batteries of my camera went dead, I miss the last few days. My apologies for that.
Bronze casting photos
Photos of Inis Sheer
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