5-1-2008: Rapier with scabbard and several type 9 knives added
4-2-2008: After a year, finally a new update!

Several new axes, swords, knives and other artifacts have been added.

4-2-2007: Two more finished axeheads, a new knife and Ballintober sword added.

I've finished another two axeheads. I've also added a Ballintober type sword and a new knife.

27-1-2007: Three axeheads finished.

The last few weeks I've finished three axeheads: flanged axe with stopridge, Weenderveld palstave and one of the palstaves from the soapstone mould. I've got some more new pieces to add, but these will come with the next update.

11-11-2006: New knife, three daggers, chisel and gouges.

A lot of additions this time. Two new Irish grooved daggers and a knife-dagger have been added. I've also cast a very large knife and finished it. Other additions are a socketed chisel and gouges and I finished the bronze rings. I also removed some of the poorer castings from the site, for which I no longer have plans to finish them.

15-10-2006: Swords!

This weekend was the fourth metal workers weekend in Archeon. By tradition, this time I too took on a big challegne to push my boundaries. This year it was casting swords. Although I did not expect to cast a complete sword just yet, I wanted to pass as many steps to that goal as possible. But my expectations were far exceeded, as I casted two complete swords! See the newly added carp's tongue type swords for the results.

23-7-2006: Many updates

A lot of long overdue updates this time. There are several new axeheads, a new dagger, new sword, finished sword and several other new castings and finished older castings.

23-4-2006: New castings

The new season has started again, and I've been busy casting again. The last few weeks I've cast six nieuw axes, of which two flanged axes, a flanged axe with stopridge and three palstaves. I've also added a new dagger scabbard to the site, and updated the Wageningen dagger.

23-3-2006: Finished Houten socketed axes and Sleenerzand palstave

The three Houten socketed axes have been finished, one including haft. The Sleenerzand palstave has also been finished.

12-11-2005: Last casting results of the season

The weekend of 16-17 october was the metalworkers weekend in Archeon. For this weekend I had the goal to casts as many axes of as many types as possible. This was a great success! In a single weekend I managed to succesfully cast 7 axes. These axes have been added to the site. Of these axes, the copper flat axe, nick-flanged axe and small socketed axe have been finished, as well as the pin with rib decoration. Other additions to the site are a rapier and two urnfield knives.

2-10-2005: New sword added, Haren flat axe finished, razor finished, links updated.

29-8-2005: Large socketed axe and flanged axe with stopridge are finished and new ribbed type bracelets and clothing pin have been added

17-7-2005: New castings, updates and additions in other reproductions.

 -Wageningen dagger added
- razor added
- Wageningen flat axe updated
- palstave updated

In other reproductions:
- wooden mallet and file added

13-6-2005: Twe new sickles & updates.

The day before yesterday I've fired a new set of moulds. From one of these moulds I've cast two new sickles, which have been added to the site. The following updates have also been added:
- Wageningen flat axe update
- Dagger 3 is finished
- Chisel 2 is finished
- Anvil is finished

21-5-2005: New chisel, knife and Wageningen flat axe update

Today I've cast another chisel, which has been added to the site. I've also cast another large knife blade. This is number eight from the same mould. The mould has now finally fallen apart, so this wil be the last for the time being. I've also added an update on the Wageningen flat axe on the site.

16-5-2005: Wageningen flat axe and other updates

A reproduction of the Wageningen flat axe has been added, as well as updates on the small socketed axe, large socketed axe, dagger 3 and arrowheads.

7-5-2005: New socketed axe, flat axe, anvil and finishing of the flanged axe with stopridge.

Today I've cast a very succesful socketed axe. Earlier this week I also cast a new flat axe. The axes and earlier cast anvil have been added to the site. I've also updated the flanged axe with stopridge.

30-4-2005: New chisel

Last weekend I solved my melting problem. The solution was simple, I needed to lengthen the time to melt the metal. Since then I had the bronze liquid each time. This weekend I've cast a new chisel, which has been added to the site. I've also cast a small anvil. This didn't came out well, because the mould appeared not to have been fired well enough. The result was a rough surface full of bubbles. I can use it, but I'll need to cast a replacement someday.

16-4-2005: New casting results & arrowheads finished

Today I've caste a new flat axe, dagger and arrowheads. I still have problems with melting the bronze. Lately I don't get the bronze completely liquid, so I can't cast large objects. Nevertheless I've managed to cast a good number of smaller objects.

9-4-2005: Second small flat axe finished, dagger 3 blade finished, new arrowheads added

5-4-2005: The new season has begun!

Last weekend was the new season of Archeon started, which to me means casting bronze again. Last weekend I fired a new batch of moulds, of which only one broke. I've also made a new furnace, which proves to be a lot more efficient in charcoal use. I needed to get into it again, and get used to the new furnace, which meant that last week the results weren't good. The only thing I managed to cast then was a nearly succesful socketed axe. This weekend things went a lot better. I've cast a perfect flat axe (in an old mould), two pins and a nearly succesful wheelpin. The last is very difficult, so I didn't have high anticipations. The only thing that prevented it from being succesful were some bits of charcoal blocking the flow. So the reached result is already quite promising, and I'm convinced that if I make some more moulds I'll soon have a succesful one.

The socketed axe and flat axe have been added to the site. I've also updated the flanged axe with stopridge and palstave.

13-2-2005: New layout and updates

Because the number of bronzes is growing, I've decided to change the layout of that page. It's now sorted by type (axes, daggers, swords etc.). I've also finished my first rapier, added another rapier which is also finished. I've also finished my second Ewart Park sword, and added another one. I've also placed updates on my two daggers.

12-1-2005: New flint dagger added to the "Other reproductions" section

4-1-2005: Small flat axe finished, "Other reproductions" added, links updated

18-12-2004: Updates: small flat axe, large knifes and arrowhead

4-12-2004: A small and large socket hammer and a sickle are ready for use

11-11-2004: Clothing pins have been finished

4-11-2004: Last castings of this season

The season has ended in Archeon, but I managed to get some great castings on the last weekend: 3 large knives, 1 small knife and a clothing pin. These have been added to the site. I've also finished my first small knife. Now I'll have to spend the winter months finishing my castings. Plenty of work to keep me busy!

23-10-2004: New dagger

Today I've succesfully cast a new dagger, as well as two more large knives. The knives both have a small casting flaw. The dagger is prefect, with a very high quality in detail. One more weekend to go before Archeon closes. Hopefully I'll manage to do a few more succesful castings.

19-10-2004: Casting results from the metal weekend in Archeon

A year ago, during the previous metal weekend, I cast bronze for the first time in Archeon and at the same time did my first succesful casting (the small flanged axe). For this reason, and also to give a good spectacle during the metalweekend, I decided to set a personal record for the most castings in one weekend.

The weeks before I've been prepairing by making many crucibles, moulds, baking them (twice) etc. etc. I wanted to have more then enough of everything, so the only limiting factor to the amount of castings would be the exhaustion of me and my help Tim. And of course I also hoped to do a succesful casting or two. This time we had baken the moulds more thouroughly, to burn out all the combustable materials. The moulds were pre-baken around the fire for about 2 hours, and baken in the fire for about 3.5 - 4 hours. The first session only one out of seven crucibles and two out of ten moulds broke. A better result then every previous attempt. The next session nothing broke at all. So we definately had plenty of material to work with.

And then the metal weekend arrrived. Normally we'd cast for 2 or 3 hours on a saturday. This time all day, and then another day. The morning started pourly, with a few miscasts. But everything turned around in the afternoon. The result: a small flat axe, 3 clothing pins, a small knife, a ribbed bracelet and even a socketed hammer! The last we agreed that it would never succeed, considering the difficulty. Yet from experience I knew that exactly the opposite might happen. And it did again this time.

The next day started like the previous, several miscasts in the morning, succesful casts in the afternoon. The result was a palstave and a big knife. And then we were both exhausted. Now lasts the finishing of all those casts. In two weeks Archeon will close for the winter, so plenty of time for me to go finishing those bronzes.

19-10-2004: News page added

And there's a news page! Here I'll place some more general news about the site and other happenings.