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Just a couple of interesting links. There's plenty more, and due to my busy schedule chances are that they'll slowly start getting out of date.
So don't see this as the final and complete list of all links bronze age related, and Google, Altavista or Yahoo to find the ones I missed or have moved.


Information on bronze age in the Netherlands

Archeological finds from the Nederland
This site is part of the "Geheugen van Nederland" (= memory of the Netherlands) site, and contains an enormous database of
Dutch archeological finds, including a huge amount of bronze age items. These finds are part of collection of
the National Museum of Antiquities and includes many items that aren't on display in the museum.

The Mysterious Bogpeople
Site with information about the currently traveling exhibition of dutch bogfinds, including the Emmer Erfscheidenveen man,
the temple of Bargeroosterveld and several other important finds

The Netherlands in the Pre History
Another site with information about the Dutch Prehistory, including the Bronze Age.

Emmer Erfscheidenveen Man
English site with a photo of the remains and a short description.

The mould of Oss-Horzak
Few traces of Bronze Age metal working have been found in the Netherlands. This is a unique discovery of a clay mould
found in the Netherlands. The site shows the photos of the mould in great detail.

Het ontstaan van West-Friesland
A lot of geological information about the area in which the Bronze Age farm in Archeon was found.

Bronze Age in Haarlem, Stichting Archeologische Werkgroep Haarlem
Small website with some information about the Bronze Age, and some photos of the old Archeon

Deventer geschiedenis
A dutch educational site about the prehistory of Deventer, including images of several finds.

Information about various findings and musea in the Netherlands from various times, including the Bronze Age
Starting page for all kinds of Dutch sites related to archeology

Archeologisch nieuws
Dutch site for the latest nieuws in archeological discoveries (dutch)

Geschiedenis begint hier
Starting page with links to various history related websites (dutch)

Information on bronze age in Europe
Sand stone moulds from the late Bronze Age, found in Germany

Bronze age mining techniques
British site about mining copper ores in the Bronze Age

Bronze Age Europe
Links site to site about the Bronze Age throughout Europe

Guder & Grave
Danish site with an incredibly huge database of photos of Danish finds from the bronze age, which can be seen by selecting "Genstande".
Most definately worth a visit, especially as several bronze artifacts found in the Netherlands originate from this area. A good amount of
these items are on display in the National Museet Kopenhagen. (yeah yeah, I have to mention it twice to make sure you have a look:))
Similar as the site above, but for Sweden and ranging from the stoneage to the 1500AD

Shrewsbury Museum gallery
Photos of many bronze age objects found in the UK, including moulds for casting flat axes.
Similar axes as shown on the site have been found in the Netherlands.

Kleidung als Klimaschutz und Sozialattribut bei vorgeschichtlichen
Document in German, mainly about German and Danish grave finds, showing schematic images of the contents
of many gravefinds, including some very similar to several dutch graves in terms of contents.

Dover bronze age boat
Site with information about the boat found in Dover. It's boats like these which enabled us to get our bronze,
whether it was people from the UK traveling to our region or vice versa.

Bronze age Pompei
Pompei wasn't the only place to be covered in ashes by the Vesuvius. A Bronze Age farming settlement,
dating back 1700BC was found under the ashes of an eruption similar to the one covering Pompei. The preservation is
incredible, with everything still in place inside the farms, and the farms preserved in 3D, including even part of the roof.

Prehistoric Music Ireland
Horns like one this site were found in Ireland and Denmark (not in the Netherlands though),
and this site has actual sound recordings from these instruments.

Danish Daggers
All about the flint daggers from the late Stoneage to early Bronze Age found in Denmark, of which some also ended up in our region.

Lots of information about flint tools, production and their classification.

Museums & living history parks in the Netherlands and beyond

The place to go if you have any interest in discovering something about the past of the Netherlands, and
seeing the past in action. Aside from the reconstructions from stoneage to medieval period and the large group of living
historians, there's groups of re-enactors visiting nearly every weekend, coming from all-over Europe, displaying various time periods.
I might be "slightly" biased, but Archeon is a must to visit. Beware though, you might not want to leave again as I've personally experienced:)

Historic Openair Museum Eindhoven
Similar to Archeon, but smaller. Here you can find the a small iron age village and several medieval buildings.

National Museum of Antiquities (Leiden)
For about a year not a single antiquity from our nation has been on display here,
but at last they've put back a display of some of our nation's finest archeological finds from the stoneage
to the medieval period on display again. This is the real stuff, which defines our history, so make sure to honour
our ancestors by a visit to meet with the artifacts from their time, and experience their inspiring beauty.

Drents Museum (Assen)
This is the second obligatory museum to visit in the Netherlands. Drente was the richest area in the Netherlands
during the bronze age, is famous for the megalithic monuments, the "Hunnenbedden" and last but not least the
world famous bogfinds (at least, they should be) including Emmer Erfscheidenveen Man. The bog bodies
are currently on a traveling display around the world, but the collection still on display is a must to visit.

Limburg's Museum (Venlo)
Also a museum with a collection worth a visit, like various bronze swords, axes, metal working tools, pottery etc.

Army Museum (Delft)
Weapons from the stoneage up to recent times. Nice collection of swords and related from the bronze and iron age.

Polder Museum "Grootslag" (Andijk)
Finds from the area "our" bronze age farm in Archeon originates from.
Not a large, but a very nice and well displayed collection.

Westfries Museum (Hoorn)
More finds from the area of the Andijk farm. The collection here is larger and more varied then in the Andijk musuem.
On display are a sword, axes, spear points, and also a good collection of other finds from bone, antler, amber, flint etc.

National Museet Kopenhagen (Denmark)
Best historical museum in the world, period. It would be just alone for the bronze age section, but the Stone age, Iron age
and Viking collections are just as impressive, both in quantity, quality, unique level of preservation, craftmanship, styles, display.
So if you have interest in any of those periods, go there now! (or at least on some future holiday:)) And be sure to have a look at
Guder & Grave (select "Gestande"), with billions (well, ok not billions, but close) of photos of bronze age
artifacts/clothing, including even more artifacts which ar not on display in the museum.

The British Museum (London, UK)
One of the most famous museums of antiquities. Some excellent bronze age artifacts on display. Though
unfortunately the british bronze age sections pales by comparisson to the National Museet Kopenhagen.

NEW Wiltshire Heritage Museum (Devizes, UK) NEW
Best British museum for early bronze age material, with finds from the area of Stonehenge.
The website shows some examples of these finds.
Living history and experimental archeology

Bronze Age Reenactment
Based in the UK, Neil Burridge and Time Travellers are professional reenactors, providing
accurate reconstructions of life in the bronze age for television. Neil Burridge is a metalworker and Celtic craftsman
and the reenactment group Time Travelers specializes in showing prehistoric domestic life.

Reconstructing the warriors of the Bronze Age
Bronze Age re-enacment, concentrated on the Mediterranean Bronze Age.
Another bronzeage enthusiast who started his own website. On his site he displays
reconstructions of bronzeage warriors from various cultures.

Great site about experimental bronze casting.
The main focus is on the Viking period, but the Bronze Age also has a definite presence.

Reports and photos of the yearly bronze casting symposium in Ireland.

Report of the 2005 Umha Aios bronze casting symposium by Billy Mag Fhloinn, with lots of excellent photos.

NEW Experiment A NEW
German website with photos and reports of bronze casting experiments.

Ancient arts
Dave Chapman's site. He's an experienced bronze caster, who also gives demonstrations.

Lore & Saga
British site on living history in various periods, from bronze age to Vikings. A great site, and enjoyable to read.

"Vereniging voor archeologische experimenten en educatie", translated: "Association for archeolical experiments and education".
This dutch based organisation which connects musea, universities and individuals who participate in experimental archeology.

Reproductions for sale and bronze casting courses

Bronze age craft
Neil Burridge's personal site, with bronze casting and other ancient metal working courses.
On this site he also offers various bronze reproductions for sale and you can find information about his television work.

Bronze swords for sale
Neil's reproductions are definately the best available at the moment.
For an example, see my "Ewart Park type sword 2" in the "bronze reproductions" part of my site.

Bronze Sword Festival
Neil Burridge is organizing a sword casting event. If you get the chance, I'd definately recommend participating!

Bronze age foundry
Best and affordable bronze age reproductions for sale.

German website, with various replicas from the bronze age onwards (in German)

NEW Ratatoskr NEW
Reproductions from stoneage to medieval.

Forhistorisk Bronzestøbnung
Danish site, which has various bronzes for sale, cast using lost wax casting (in Danish).

Discussion forums

Bronze Age Center
A new discussion forum for the English speaking Bronze Age enthousiasts.
Here you'll find people who build stuff, know stuff and especially have a very strong enthusiasm for all things bronze age.

Anyone with any form of affinity for sharpies goes here, whether it's smiths, archeologists, other academics,
swordfighters, collectors (Don't collect bronze age swords though. Collecting those causes great damage to highly
valuable archeological monuments! Get reproductions instead). Be sure to drop by at the pub and ancient weapons forums. 2000-55BC
British discusion board for the Bronze and Iron Age.
Not much activity, but visiting and posting there could of course change that.

Talking history
Discussion forum for various periods, including prehistory.

Porta praehistorica et antiqua
A very extensive discussion german forum about prehistory (in german).