Neil Burridge's Gundlingen type sword

The Gundlingen is a new type sword from Neil Burridge, can be purchased at his site:
The Gundlingen is one of the last swords made from bronze during the early iron age, and also one of the first to be made
from iron. In my opinion it's also one of the most beautiful bronze swords.

The blade

Found:  Thames, UK
Age: Hallstatt period, early iron age

This is a British variation of the Gundlingen type sword, which still has some characteristics of the Ewart Park type. The Gundlingen was originally develope on the main land. In the UK, the Ewart Park swords were slowly becoming more like the Gundlingen type swords, until they were virtually identical.

The blade before finishing
Here you can see the blade as I received it.

Finished blade
The blade is now fully finished.

The hilt
The hilt parts are made from yew wood. From the Gundlingen type swords, very few hilt remains have been preserved. In Hallstatt, Austria, a sword was found of which the pommel was originally covered with gold foil. From the shape of the gold, the pommel had a hat shape as the reconstructed pommel here. Of the contemporary Mindelheim swords, a lot more hilts have been preserved. These all have the same hat shaped pommel. The hilts of these swords have been used to reconstruct the rest of the hilt.
Here are the finished hilt parts. The wood is treated with lineoil.

The completed sword
The sword is now fully finished. The hilt plates have been riveted on using bronze rivets. The pommel is attached using hideglue.